Pregnancy Massage

Benefits Of Massages For Pregnant Women And Tips To Feel Better

Massages for pregnant women relieve tension, headaches, insomnia, back and joint discomfort, regulate the nervous system and even help you digest.

hese massages for pregnant women do you prefer? Although it is true that each one is a world, surely you will soon notice its benefits.

As we have mentioned, they have a relaxing effect and will help you relieve the tension accumulated during pregnancy.

Massages for pregnant women are ideal to pamper yourself and give you new energy to face the rest of the pregnancy. Thanks to massages for pregnant women and reduce possible prenatal anxieties with them, you can relax and experience a birth as positive as possible.

In addition, it is worth highlighting the therapeutic effect to alleviate many of the ailments that we have mentioned.

The oils and creams used in some massages for pregnant women help hydrate your skin , which may feel drier during pregnancy.

As if that weren’t enough, this quiet time for yourself will make you feel better psychologically and emotionally.

Are you already wanting to enjoy your massages for pregnant women? We give you some last minute tips and that’s it:

Before receiving massages for pregnant women, consult your gynecologist about the convenience of them. No one better than him will be able to assess whether there is any type of risk based on your personal circumstances and tell you what type of massage for pregnant women best suits your needs.

Go to your appointment with your masseuse as calm and relaxed as possible. Using an accredited specialist will make you feel safer and you can also take the opportunity to advise you on healthy habits and postural corrections to perform from home.

You can start, for example, by receiving a weekly prenatal massage during the second trimester and if necessary, increase its periodicity in the last.

It is advisable not to have eaten during the hour before the massages for pregnant women. We advise you not to drink a lot of liquids before your massage and go to the bathroom just before starting to avoid having to interrupt the massage.

To receive the massage you have to place yourself in a lateral reclining or sitting position , and if you need it, use leg or tummy cushions so that you are totally comfortable.

The most important thing to feel better in this special stage of your life is to be calm and not have great worries, it is essential to know that everything is going well . The NACE prenatal test , for example, will allow you to know if the baby grows with chromosomal abnormalities, it is not painful, it is not invasive for the baby and mother . It is done with a simple blood sample obtained from the mother’s arm.

Discover more tips to pamper yourself during pregnancy and learn everything you need to know at this stage of your life.

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