Pregnancy Massage

Massages For Pregnant Women With Which To Pamper Yourself

After the first trimester of pregnancy, massages for pregnant women are highly recommended . You want to know why? In addition to pampering you as you deserve, they will help you relax and alleviate some of the common discomforts during pregnancy.

As you know, during this stage your body undergoes a large number of changes , which can cause low back pain, pelvic discomfort and inflammation of the sciatic nerve, among other ailments that are somewhat uncomfortable and stressful.

These may not go away until the end of the pregnancy and the symptoms that caused them, such as weight gain, stress, circulatory problems and fluid retention, disappear.

But, since not everything is going to be bad news, in this article we propose a series of effective massages for pregnant women to mitigate possible discomfort and feel better. Choose your massage and enjoy, you deserve it!

Massages For Pregnant Women

There are different types of massages for pregnant women from which you can choose the ones that best suit your relaxation and therapeutic needs. Among the most common are these four:

1. Therapeutic Massage: Healthy Back Without Contractures

The typical back ailments that we have talked about will be alleviated thanks to this type of massage for pregnant women .

Do you suffer from muscle contracture or sciatica? Bet on a therapeutic back massage.

Inflammation of the sciatic nerve can cause not only severe pain in the lower back, but is capable of spreading to the leg. Therapeutic massage in the affected areas will help reduce muscle tension and reduce pain.

2. Circulatory Massage: Legs, Ankles And Feet Will Thank You

During pregnancy, fluid retention and the consequent swelling of the feet and legs are common. Therefore, this massage for pregnant women, whose objective is to activate your circulation, can come in handy.

From the fourth month of pregnancy you can prevent fluid retention thanks to circulatory massages .

The specialist in massages for pregnant women will affect the extremities, especially the lower ones , since it is where there is a greater risk of heaviness and swelling due to the circulatory alterations caused during pregnancy.

3. Perineal Massage: Preparing For Childbirth

Among all the massages for pregnant women, this one is ideal to practice at home, being alone or with your partner .

Perineal massage helps avoid childbirth surgeries such as episiotomy. During the third trimester of pregnancy, specialists in obstetric physiotherapy recommend stretching and massage in the perineal area. Above all, it is important to do them 5 minutes a day during the 6 weeks prior to delivery.

Do you want to try it? Before doing it at home, we recommend that you learn from your midwife or childbirth specialist to do it correctly.

4. Relaxing massage: mens sana in corpore sana

During pregnancy, many women feel some anxiety or stress, which, thanks to these relaxing massages for pregnant women, will reduce discomfort and may even disappear .

These massages, practiced in a cozy and pleasant environment, help to relax the body and mind of the future mother.

You can receive a comprehensive full-body massage or opt for specific areas such as the head or feet.

Foot massages for pregnant women reduce stress and fatigue in this area and also help prevent ankle swelling.

A global massage of the whole body will leave you like new . Imagine walking back, sacrum, lumbar, dorsal and cervical spine with expert hands to deal with contractures; later receive a massage that activates your circulation and relaxes your back, arms, legs and your whole body, eliminating any sign of tension.

In some specialized centers you will also find massages for pregnant women based on anti-stretch marks and anti-cellulite treatments.

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