Other Kind Of Massages

Most Useful Massages

Trigger point massage

These massages are ideal for those who are suffering from injuries, chronic pain, or a specific problem or condition in their lives. Muscle spasms or trigger points, which are localised areas of tightness, can sometimes radiate to other parts of the body. This type of massage helps reduce pain by concentrating on relieving trigger points.

Flowing strokes combined with firmer, deeper pressure are used in trigger point massage to achieve a soothing and calming effect. Although your therapist will work on specific areas of your body, the massage will cover your entire body. You can be fully or partially undressed during the massage, as long as you’re wearing loose, light clothing.

A 60–90 minute Swedish massage is typical.


If you’re looking to relax or regain your natural energy, reflexology is the treatment for you. Also, it’s a viable option if you don’t like the idea of having your entire body touched during the process. Reflexology makes use of a variety of pressure points on the feet, hands, and ears, ranging from gentle to firm. You should dress comfortably and loosely so that you can expose your legs if necessary.

For 30–60 minutes, you can expect a reflexology massage.

Shiatsu technique

In order to relax and relieve stress, pain and tension, Shiatsu massage is recommended. It’s a type of Japanese massage that includes the following elements:

Calms and relaxes the body and mind.

supports the reduction of tension and depression as well as the reduction of stress

Reduces the tension in the muscles

A shiatsu therapist will work on all parts of your body, but he or she may concentrate on specific trouble spots. Your therapist will massage specific parts of your body with their hands, palms, and thumbs during the massage. A rhythmic or pulsing pressure is applied. This massage can be performed with you fully clothed.

In general, shiatsu massages last between 60 and 90 minutes.

Thai massage

Thai massage is ideal for those looking for a more active form of massage that also helps with pain relief and stress reduction. It also has the potential to improve:

Energy levels in the flexible circulation

Thai massage uses a series of movements similar to yogic stretching to treat the entire body. Your therapist will apply firm pressure to your body with their palms and fingers. In addition, you’ll be twisted and stretched into various configurations. During the massage, you should wear loose, comfortable clothing.

Thai massages can last anywhere from 60 to 90 minutes depending on the therapist.

Couple’s massage

A couple’s massage takes place in the same room as your partner, friend, or family member. It has all the advantages of a regular massage, plus you may also have access to the spa’s hot tubs, saunas, and other amenities as part of your treatment.. In some cases, a spa package will include additional services like pedicures, facials, or body scrubs.

You can usually pick the type of massage you want, and you and your partner can each get a different type of massage based on your preferences and the options available at the spa. You and your partner will be seated side by side on massage tables, each receiving massages from a different massage therapist. If you’d like, you can converse with the masseuse while she’s working on you.

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